Carpworld is designed to be the big read, and is consistently packed with well-written, informative, entertaining and revealing carp fishing material. Carpworld still leads the way when it comes to quality, variety, size, and the line-up of regular high-profile contributors.

Gardener Trick-Link

Rig World | by |

    RRP: £3.99 | I must admit that until recently, I’d overlooked Trick-Link, but on talking to Gardner Tackle’s product manager, Lewis Read, at… Read more

FOX Tungsten Line Guard Beads

Rig World | by |

  RRP: £3.49 | These new Tungsten Line Guard Beads are designed for anglers to use directly onto naked main line. They can be fixed… Read more

Nash Tackle Lead Clip & Tail Rubbers

Rig World | by |

  RRP: £2.99 (10 per pack) | I noticed that Nash have recently changed the design of their range of safety lead clips, which has… Read more

Spotted Fin Curved Hooks

Rig World | by |

  RRP: £4.99 |   The slightly in-turned eye of the SF Curved hook allows it to turn easily, resulting in instant, positive contact… Read more

Spotted Fin Straight Point (Barbed) Hooks

Rig World | by |

  RRP: £4.99 | The combination of an ultra-strong wire and a sticky-sharp point makes the SF Straight Point the must-have hook for any kit… Read more

Spotted Fin Longshank Curved (Barbed) Hooks

Rig World | by |

RRP: £4.99 | This has all the instant-turning advantages of the SF Curved pattern, plus an extended shank, making it perfect for 360 and blowback… Read more

Spotted Fin Wide Gape Hooks

Rig World | by |

  RRP: £4.99 | The super-sharp beaked point gives added protection when fishing over gravel, and makes the SF Wide Gape perfect for open-water situations…. Read more

C&G Baits

Bait World | by | The last few years has seen a general decline in the popularity of cork ball pop-ups, which is strange really, when you think that… Read more

Dynamite Baits Cork Ball Pop-Ups

Bait World | by |

RRP: £8.99 per tub (25+ baits)  | There’s nothing worse than being behind your rods for prolonged periods of time, and being unsure of… Read more

Kent Particles Dry and Prepared Particles

Bait World | by |

RRP: from £7.50-£88.47  | Kent Particles have three different options available for you to try – dry, prepared, or flavoured and prepared. In each… Read more

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