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JRC Cocoon Rig Case

Rig World | by |

RRP: £19.99 | Online: JRC make a couple of rig wallet/cases, and this one features four small end tackle boxes which are ideal for all… Read more

Spotted Fin FINSKIN Soft Coated Hooklink

Rig World | by |

RRP: £14 for 20m | Online: With a high-abrasion inner due to the thin Dyneema used, FINSKIN is an ideal coated hooklink which is easily… Read more

Nash Baits pH Trigger

Bait World | by |

RRP : TBC | Online: Released under the guise of Ace Cards by Nash, this little pot packs one hell of a punch. It’s primarily… Read more

British Aqua Feeds

Bait World | by |

Online: Pea Protein RRP: 1kg – £4.99; 5kg – £18.99; 10kg – £34.99 (higher quantities are available)   More baits are utilising ingredients which… Read more

RG Baits 365 Pop-Ups

Bait World | by |

RRP: £5.95 | Online: To complement the 365 range, the matching pop-ups are available in three high-attract colours: Pink, White and Yellow, and are made… Read more

Beechwood Baits The Musselberry Glug

Bait World | by |

RRP: £2.49 | Online: This is PVA-friendly, which makes it great for adding to PVA bags, stick mixes and glazing over baits. The Musselberry Glug… Read more


Rig World | by |

RRP: £4.50-£4.99 | online: I’ve never been a fan of backleads, because in the past I’ve found they can be more trouble than they’re worth…. Read more


Bait World | by |

RRP: £2.85  |  online: Fake baits have a regular role in a lot of my fishing, so I have a great deal of faith… Read more

Kent Particles Spicy Sausage Post Free Deal 10kg

Bait World | by |

RRP: £69.99  |  Online: Here’s another fantastic deal from Kent Particles. For less than £70 with free postage, you get 10kg of Spicy Sausage… Read more

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Current Issue: July 2016

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Lee Wagner visits RK Leisure’s Kingsmead 1 and demonstrates how effective staying mobile and fishing off the barrow can be during the winter months.






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