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Rig World | by |

RRP: £4.50-£4.99 | online: I’ve never been a fan of backleads, because in the past I’ve found they can be more trouble than they’re worth…. Read more


Bait World | by |

RRP: £2.85  |  online: Fake baits have a regular role in a lot of my fishing, so I have a great deal of faith… Read more

Kent Particles Spicy Sausage Post Free Deal 10kg

Bait World | by |

RRP: £69.99  |  Online: Here’s another fantastic deal from Kent Particles. For less than £70 with free postage, you get 10kg of Spicy Sausage… Read more

Dynamite Baits Zig Cloud Mix

Bait World | by |

RRP: £8.99  |  Online: At this time of year, it pays to have baits in the upper layers of the water, in order to… Read more

RG Baits Formula Red + Plum Enhanced Hookers

Bait World | by |

  RRP: £5.95  |  Online: To go with the awesome Formula Red + Plum range of boilies are the matching Enhanced Hookers. These boosted… Read more

Enterprise Tackle Imitation Lupin Beans

Bait World | by |

 RRP: £2.30 per pack  |  Online: These little beauties can be used in a multitude of ways, from bait toppers to great single hookbaits… Read more

Spotted Fin Catalyst

Bait World | by |

 RRP: from £5.50-£12.00  |  Online: The long-awaited Catalyst is finally here. It’s a new active bait which utilises the finest milk and hemp proteins,… Read more

Beechwood Baits Cranpepper 14mm High Attract Pop-ups

Bait World | by |

 RRP: £4.99  |  Online: These pop-ups utilise a classic cranberry flavour, combined with black pepper essential oil to create a highly attractive and wonderful-smelling… Read more

The Carp Society A New Dawn “Back to the Future”

News | by |

At a properly convened Extraordinary General Meeting of the Carp Society, held in Lechlade Gloucester on the evening of Thursday 12th May 2016, a number… Read more

Gardener Trick-Link

Rig World | by |

    RRP: £3.99 | I must admit that until recently, I’d overlooked Trick-Link, but on talking to Gardner Tackle’s product manager, Lewis Read, at… Read more

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