Carpworld June 2016

Welcome to the June issue of Carpworld, , my favourite piece this month is the stunning story of cover star Lee Wagner and his fantastic season so far. Lee kicked-off his year on the Horton complex with two 40s, and five 30s, but topped them all when he banked Kingsmead 1’s Starry at 52lb. Also in this issue is a thoughtful piece by Simon Crow on targeting big fish, and the ever-funny Bill Cottam in Carping Allegedly. Editor Broady

Also this month


Tim Paisley interviews carp-fishing historian Chris Ball in this fascinating insight into the background of carp fishing.

THE F WORD  Paul Forawrd

Paul Forward’s monthly look at his fishing life sees him bank the two most sought-after residents in his new water.


Ryan Heaton takes an in-depth look into re-freezing bait, and whether it is a massive edge, or the kiss of death to action.

Plus Darrell Peck, Darren Belton, Joe Turnbull, Ian Chillcott, Adam Clewer, Lee Morris, Dan Chart, Nick Burrage Mike Kavanagh, Steve Briggs, Ben Austin, Richard Griffiths, and many more.

In International Carper

The magazine dedicated to tackling waters around the globe, and this month we have a great round-up of worldwide captures, including a brace of record-breakers from Badgers Holt. Shimano’s Richard Griffiths tackles Ribiere with Zigs, with great success, and our Man With A Plan continues his European adventure.

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Current Issue: June 2016

Issue Preview


Lee Wagner visits RK Leisure’s Kingsmead 1 and demonstrates how effective staying mobile and fishing off the barrow can be during the winter months.






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