Carpworld July 2014

With any luck the carp will have finished spawning now and be really up for a bit of a feed! It won’t be 24-hour action though so you’ll need something to keep you entertained while the kettle boils – and the July edition of Carpworld will do just that! There’s a whole mag full of the best writers, the best reviews and the best competitions so pencil in Friday, July 4th into your diary as that’s the date it’s on sale . . . unless you take advantage of our excellent subscription offer!


In his younger days Ellis Brazier experienced all the emotions that carp anglers must endure – jealousy, defeat, hatred and the classic doublecross. We’re quite familiar with all these emotions but how would you feel if the fish of your dreams is captured by another angler?

Rob tells the story of how the the famous Holbrook Mill Pool has been transformed into the beautiful water it is today. The pool has a long and chequered history, but with a lot of hard work and good management, the future for this lovely water looks secure.

Summer days, evening sunsets . . . and big, big, fish! That’s what carping memories are made of and Andy Muir takes us on a tour of the waters, and the fish, that have made such wonderful memories for him throughout his carping career.

PLUS . . . We take a walk around the Horton complex which is now at the forefront of a revolution in carp angling. You won’t believe what’s happening here! Darrell Peck’s been fishing alongside our regular diarist Mr Forward on Burghfield – and they’ve both got different stories to tell. Tim Paisley reveals how difficult it is to put a book together – especially when it’s written by Frank Warwick and there’s thousands of pictures and stories to choose from! In International Carper there’s two holiday venues to take a look at plus part two of Sean Leverett’s adventures on Lac de St-Cassien, one of the world’s most famous big carp waters. Next up we visit the USA as Adam Clewer takes on some of the carp that inhabit this most underrated carping destination. Finally, don’t miss the update on the monster carp catches from around the world in Echoes.

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During the 2013 World Carp Classic Impact Angling Media were charged with filming and creating the majority of the packages used during the evening Live Streaming.





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