Carpworld July 2016

July’s Carpworld is packed with stunning stories from the best anglers, and a great interview with big-carp hunter Alan Taylor, which will definitely have you laughing. This first instalment goes back to the early years. Also in this issue is Mike Kavanagh’s Rig World, and a great competition where three lucky winners will each win a pair of Greys Spod and Markers rods.Editor Broady

Also this month

This Green and Pleasant Land Ed Betteridge

Many people fear it, but weed can be an angler’s best friend. Ed discusses how his attitude has changed in recent years, and how new presentations have made all the difference.

Pecky’s Progress Darrell Peck

It’s been a hectic month for Darrell. Not only has he got married, but he’s also managed to get out fishing, been trying out a new rig, and planning a boat-fishing adventure in Holland.

Cambridgeshire Classics Ben Redley

Sometimes it’s not all about being in pursuit of the largest; it’s about hunting the oldest, and rarest, and hardest targets which inhabit a few special waters. Ben reveals some of his awesome captures.

Plus Plus Tim Paisley, Paul Forward, Simon Crow, Cliff Davis, Chris Ball, Andy Muir, Joe Turnbull, Adam Clewer, Kris Ollington, Ian Chillcott, Matt Eaton, and many more.

In International Carper

In our global round-up of what’s happening around the world, Steve Briggs reveals a new Hungarian super-water. Our man with a plan, Ben Austin, continues his European adventures, and we have all the latest captures from a huge variety of different venues.

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