Carpworld May 2016

Welcome to the May issue of Carpworld, in this issue we take a look at Ben Austin’s capture of a magnificent 75lb 9oz mirror, which is featured on the cover. Read all about his adventures on page 162. Pecky keeps us up to date with his campaign on Northey Park, and has a right result in the shape of a cracking six-fish catch, which is another brilliant read. Editor Broady

Also this month

RIG WORLD Mike Kavanagh

This month, Mike takes a look at the redesigned Nash Lead Clips, Gardner Tackle’s Trick-Link, and E-S-P’s eagerly awaited Cryogen


Over the past few years, Ed has found himself starting a new campaign on a new water pretty much each season. Here he explains how important it is to do your


Natural attractors are just the things to give a Zig hookbait that little extra something. Here, James Blake discusses how he goes about giving his foam more pulling

In International Carper

In our dedicated section for the worldwide anglers, there is a great round-up of global captures from far and wide, including a 101lb mirror carp! International regular Steve Briggs took a trip to a German park lake, and Ben Austin continues his travels with a great session on Etang 5 in northern France. Our very own Tom Morrison spent a week at Jonchery, and we take a look at Orchard and Willow on the Lacs Du Verger complex, which is just a short drive from Calais.

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